About Roberta Saum

I love living life to its fullest every day and overcoming adversity. I trust the process of putting my best foot forward every day, because I've lived it and seen what the focus on positive energy has done in my life.

Nibbles Fitness was started because I believe that positive change happens in your life one nibble at a time, in simple daily processes.

The Nibbles Fitness kitten is a symbol of my overcoming and especially because the nurturing of my husband Randy who our community affectionately calls “The Cat Whisperer.”

Randy helped nurture me out of a dark place over 30 years ago, with daily love and gentle prodding to push to be better at all that I do.

It's not just that I lost 85 pounds (38.56 kg) of body fat,
or built a
fitness physique, although that is a result of trusting the daily process and learning patience.

Fitness and health is a base for building the foundation. Your body is the powerhouse of everything you do in your life. It's the starting point for living your dream life and the same amount of work should be applied to your mind and spirit, every day that you live, to achieve your highest potential while walking on this earth.

If you want coaching please go to My TransPhormation and download the app, register and request Advisor roberta.saum@gmail.com

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