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Welcome to My Weight Loss Journey

I’m Roberta and I’ve been an athlete all my life but it was just covered in a layer of fat.  I am currently 56 years old and I started my fitness quest when I was 19 years old. 


Over the years I ran and lifted weights, I practiced martial arts, ran marathons, hiked, skied, and biked.  Over the decades the weight piled on.  I kept on working out harder and harder thinking I would lose the weight but it kept growing.


I tried diets, lost, then gained, lost, then gained, the typical yo-yo story.   At age 48 I finally reached my peak of 197 lbs. at 5’1″.  I had chronic back pain and thyroid and adrenal fatigue.  I kept working out and running one marathon after the next thinking maybe this time it will work.  Nope, the weight stayed on. 


Everyone told me to give up; this is what happens when you get older. I never gave up. 


It took me three years to lose 85 pounds by the time I was 50.  Since then I have learned how to keep it off for good.  For me it's a matter of managing it like finances.  It must be kept in balance as to not go into debt again.


I will write all I can to help other women learn how to do this too.






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