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What about workouts for women?

I think it's good to have a variety of workouts. They are like tools in your tool chest.

One of my favorite beginner workouts for women is the Venus Factor workout. Every day is different in the entire 12 weeks, so there is not a DVD follow along as it would be a pretty long DVD!!!

But I did take the time to do the first day in video. It took me all day one day to create this video and it is not at all sponsered by the Venus company. John did give me permission to use the workout in the video.

If you like the workout idea you can purchase it . The check out process can be confusing so feel free to email me about it.

If you have never workout out before it will be a challenging workout and you might need some modifications, like pushups from your knees or against the wall. That is okay because we all started somewhere!

What is important is starting where you are at and taking little steps to make progress. That is all that matters, starting from your own ability.

I still do a little work for the Venus company as an independent contractor. I will always feel a sense of loyalty to John Barban and Brad Pilon because their program did change my life.

If you are a Venus customer you are welcome to request me as a coach on the Venus site, or you can email me for other coaching options.

Just do it! (a workout I mean)

Never Settle

Never Give Up

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