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My 1st Phorm All Natural Protein Review

I just now snapped this picture out on my deck, right this minute. The delivery guy just brought me this package. I will talk about that in a minute. For now I want to talk about protein, because it really is important. Keeping your protein level up is one of the most important success factors with fat loss. I always focus on protein and veggies, and then just enough fat/carbs to fill in the calorie gap, it pretty much just falls into place that way. If you track your food you will see it really is mostly that simple, maybe a few little tweaks after that. Here's the highest protein foods in the least calories: White fish, egg whites, protein powder, chicken/turkey/ham, then fat free Greek yogurt and cottage cheese. It drops off dramatically after that. I walk the talk! I don't recommend anything that I would not also put in my own body. I have bad reactions to Sucralose so I've been sparing the protein powder, but now I can have as much as I want with the all natural. I tried it last summer at the 1st Phorm Summer Smash event so I already knew I would like it. I just want you all to know something. The executives at 1st Phorm listen to our feedback. I've been asking for the all natural stevia version without food dye since the beginning. The day it released last week the VP of 1st Phorm emailed me and told me my beloved natural protein would be released later that day. So I immediately ordered this supply. Randy likes the level-1 and the other male oriented supplements in the picture, the opti-core is for me (in case you were curious about other things in the picture!!!) The only way they will keep supplying us with the natural is if there is DEMAND for it. If no one purchases it the product line will die - that is just the way business works. You have to let them know what you want. You have to let them know what works for you. How can people know if you don't communicate? If you are a customer, let them know!! And of course if I help you and if I have done anything to help you its important to let them know. Not all of you are on my client list with them and I still help you, so you can still let them know what you think of me. Always be honest, just politely tell it like it is. I recommend the new all natural protein powders because the flavor is amazing and the quality is the best protein you can get. Other brands use high heat processing to cut cost, and they also do other things to cut cost and and volume. With the higher heat it degrades the nutritional value (like comparing chicken cooked at low temperature in a crock pot vs charred bbq chicken, the crock pot chicken is easier on the digestion and has more nutritional value). Protein powder (The all natural is in the white containers - the ingredients list is right there too). Supplements are NOT FDA regulated, not any brand, because the FDA does not regulate supplements, but they can be manufactured in an FDA inspected facility. 1st Phorm is one of the few companies that undergo that scrutiny. This means they don't fill their products with fluff, in other words what is on the ingredient list is what you get. This is not the case with other brands. It mixes really easy, let it sit for a bit and it gets really creamy! I just mixed some vanilla with PBfit organic peanut butter powder (from Costco) and it was absolutely heaven! OMG I had to step away from the kitchen and get the heck out of dodge and remind myself I can have some more next time!! Yeah see, I battle the same things you do. We are all merely human after all! The protein powder has 21 grams of protein per 100 calories which is pretty amazing. If you want help with how to incorporate this into your meal plans email me. Email me even if you don't get the protein and you want help getting enough protein in your meal plans! 'Cuz that is how I roll, but most of you knew that already.

You can use this new protein in my famous protein custard recipe!


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