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Tips for making selfie fitness videos

This movie was filtered into a phone app called Magisto which adds effects and music.

Get a flexible tripod mount for your phone:

You welcome to click on the tripod link if you want, especially if you feel my website is useful to you. This type of tripod will last (with the plastic snap together flexible legs). The other styles are soft metal with rubber over them and the metal will eventually break.

This one is the best if you want to be able to wrap it around gym equipment or any sturdy object to put the tripod up at a good angle.

Put the phone in selfie mode where you can see yourself in the screen. Try to position it so light is shining on you but not in the phone screen lens. Move around so that you find the best lighting that is the most flattering for your face. Place the phone sideways in landscape mode so that it fills up the screen and you don't have the black on the sides. :) Although you might use it in portrait mode for effect on occasion. Place the camera so that you look slightly up into the screen, it gives your face a more flattering look. Smile as much a possible. It's nice to see yourself in the screen so you can make sure you are standing/sitting and have your arms in position where you like the way you look and it make you feel more comfortable. Keep them short 1-3 minutes. If you have an iphone get iMovie so you can trim, and edit dead space or bloopers out and use nice transitions from one segment to the next. iMovie is actually pretty easy to use. The more you do it the better you get. You learn as you go, and you get more relaxed and comfortable which produces the best video and pictures. Also use the video for poses at the gym or while doing exercises and then screen shot the picture frame you like best. A great way to capture you at your best. Sometimes your best pictures are at the beginning or end of a set, pictures of you totally natural that you were not even posing.

Use video to screen capture progress pictures, Front, Side, and Back. Use the screen save to save your favorite frames from the video, then crop the pictures. Use crop 1:1 ratio for Instagram.

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