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You Are a BadAss - self help book list

I'm starting a list of my favorite books that help with my mindset.

First Up "You are a BadAss"

This one I am loving right now, on so many levels. People who transform their lives, especially with weight loss (fat loss) really need to read this. It applies to what you do with diet and keeping it to yourself. Keep your tactics and strategies to others who are "with you", the rest are "No Thank You" and no explanation. Don't give people an opening to sabotage you and argue with you. Just do what you know needs to be done to fix your own problems. Get support from people who "get it". Click to link below to find the book on Amazon.

Next Up "Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen"

This next book is a person I really love, Emily Frisella. I've met her several times and she supports me. Women supporting other women is actually so rare when others become successful. My personalized copy. I don't use recipes much but I ordered this anyway. It doesn't hurt to have new ideas to browse, and I love supporting other women in their work. It's such a rare thing, many say they support others but when it comes down to it do they really? My husband Randy listens to a lot of political and world events podcasts from very prominent people. He had me listen to a quick snippet of a very successful female who said it really is incredibly rare. But really, we support each other right? Let's do this anyway, let's push through the jealousy and envy even though it's our natural inclination as humans with "negativity bias". We have to fight negative thoughts or they take over our minds with poison. No matter how successful another female is, it won't take away from your own success if you HELP HER. There is plenty of that success mojo to go around. In fact, it multiplies and has an exponential factor when lift each other up.

Emily cooks very much like I do, she is pretty classy though! And she's already done all the work of putting together an amazing cookbook. If you want the link for it message me or just go follow her and you'll see it her fit home and health website or her FB, or she is on IG @emilyfrisella and @savageandfrisella

You are welcome to click on the following image where you can find the book on Amazon:

It's time to get on track with some simple fun foods! It has to be sustainable for life, so dig in and learn some recipes. If you need help of course that's what I do with a huge team of people across the nation. We got you covered on all bases, let me tell you, there is not a situation that has not been covered. Trust me you are not alone. Not only am I with you. A huge team of amazing people are with you. Come'On Let's DO THIS!! If you want IN, subscribe to my newsletter here on my blog.

If you have any books you think I should review for others please email me any time!


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