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$50,000 to Stop Being Lazy

Will it work? It is for Jessica. The first two pictures are day 1 and day 45, and she started this week with the new challenge at day 74. She created a sense of urgency.

A sense of necessity.

She was stuck in bed all last year due to a complicated pregnancy and she is watching a loved one deal with cancer.

She KNOWS she must fix her health problem and be a healthy example to her children.

Not only must she do this for herself, but she must teach her kids to live a healthy lifestyle so they do not become the typical obesity statistic so common in today's society.

Now her goal is to tone up and take it to the next level.

What will you do?

How To Stop Being Lazy & Progress In Life

Jessica created a sense of necessity, so that she asked for help on what to do, made a plan, then executed it. If you do not think you are disciplined enough, you must find your "MUST". You can't wait for "I feel like it" or "I feel motivated". No, take the steps even when you feel like crap. Simple steps, like the people Jordan Peterson talks about in his video: Jordan Peterson:

Just tap the link to get started! Login to a website built from the ground up, to be the best resource out there for getting results... and guess what? It’s completely FREE to enter! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ All included upon signing up:

  • FREE custom diet plans

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I've joined it myself and although I just need to slim down slightly, one of my friends who coaches for 1st Phrom like I do just won the $50 dollars for herself. You can check her out on Instagram.

Although a video is not required, I did one and my day one contest pictures are at the end of the video:

If you are ready to get started, THE DEADLINE FOR DAY 1 PICTURES is this coming Sunday by Midnight Eastern Time (April 8th).

SIGN UP then send me an EMAIL.

I'm here for you!

Coach Roberta

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