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June 7, 2018

 Are you ready to let your light shine?

Take your fitness success to the Next Level?


Strategy for Success CHALLENGE UPDATE


Ladies ONLY, a little fitness challenge and an opportunity to donate a gift from your small business. Sign up below.

WHY: To stay motivated and share best practices
WHEN: June 15 to July 15
WHAT: Make original posts and help others
PRIZES: Will be from other members


Points will be tallied for two things:

1) Make an informative post on anything you did that week to further your healthy lifestyle; mindset, vision board, calendar, meal prep, recipes, overcoming obstacles with food with family or social environments, workout strategy, changing your environment for success, etc.

HOW MANY: At least once a week, not more than once a day.

2) Help others on their posts with genuine suggestions or feedback and support, not just cheering on, how do you apply the same thing, or feedback or suggestions.

HOW MANY: As much as you can.

POST in the
Nibbles Fitness Facebook GROUP. Join if you aren't in it yet.

The posts are NOT about PRODUCTS or PRIZES, they are about process, mindset, workouts, recipes, food prep, dealing with social pressure, and strategy for success.




  • If you have something to donate, send me a picture of you or the gift or both and your website and name of product, and EMAIL HERE (donors).




Everyone SIGN UP HERE (participants, donors, volunteers)


ALL SIGN UPS must be done by June 14th.

GO! on June 15th.







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